Areas of practice

Areas Of Practice

Orabona Law Firm can boast several decades’ experience in criminal substantive and procedural law. In particular, the firm provides consulting services, assistance and defense in court, in the following specific matters:

  • Tax and bankruptcy crimes;
  • Corporate entities’ administrative offenses ensuing from crimes under Legislative Decree 231/2001;
  • Corporate and financial crimes;
  • Medical doctors’ and healthcare establishments’ professional liability;
  • Industrial accidents and safety at work under Legislative Decree No. 81/2008;
  • Negligent personal injury and killing by road accident;
  • Industrial/intellectual property infringement and protection under criminal law;
  • Computer crimes and defamation through the press or the web;
  • Environmental crimes and breach of building laws and regulations;
  • Food counterfeiting.

In addition, the firm has been assisting and defending in court individuals (whether as the accused or as injured parties filing civil claims) in criminal actions extensively covered by the media and regarding criminal behaviors entailing crimes against the individual, the public order, or public safety.


The firm founding partner, Andrea Orabona, participates, either as a speaker or as a moderator, in conferences and round tables discussing tax-related crimes and international fiscal matters under Legislative Decree 74/2000, corporate entities’ administrative liability ensuing from crimes under Legislative Decree 231/2001, industrial accidents and safety at work pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/2008, food counterfeiting and customs-related crimes, with particular reference to exportation of dual-use goods to international countries.

In addition, the firm associates are the authors of numerous articles and contributions on criminal law – corporate, financial, and tax-related matters – published in newspapers and Internet reviews such as Milano & Finanza, Finanza & Mercati, Diritto24, Invice, Rivista 231, il Tributo, Economia & Diritto, Azienda Banca, Le Fonti-Legal, Requadro and Giurisprudenza Penale.