Agam is an Association formed by lawyers of the Bar of Milan to support young colleagues in carrying out legal activities and promote professional development through training and collaboration with Institutions or Professional Associations operating in the international jurisdictions.

Giurisprudenza Penale

Is a law review conceived to regularly address in detail and provide updates on specific criminal law issues, both of a substantive and procedural character.

Founded in 2013 by Italian lawyer Guido Stampanoni Bassi and duly registered at the Court of Milan, Giurisprudenza Penale is mainly aimed at the publication of authoritative legal commentators’ contributions and commentaries on topical judgments, all in a strictly criminal law perspective.

The online portal is led by a pool of authoritative professionals and judges specialized in different criminal law branches – with a particular focus on corporate and bankruptcy crimes, workplace safety and security under Legislative Decree 81/2008, and entities’ administrative liability under Legislative Decree 231/2001 – dealt with in detail and regularly updated on all novelties occurring in the case law and/or legislation having criminal law relevance.