Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Data processing

In compliance with article 5 n. 679 2016 of the General Data Protection Regulation, personal data shall be:

  • handled clearly, correctly and transparently;
  • collected and processed for specific and legitimate purposes, in line with the work carried out by Studio Orabona;
  • limited and pertinent to the purposes mentioned in the previous point;
  • processed mainly electronically, in such a way as to ensure the highest degree of confidentiality.

Personal data storage

Personal data are stored for as long as is strictly necessary for the purposes of the work carried out by Studio Orabona.

Personal data communication and dissemination

Personal data shall not be disseminated, except in rare cases in which Studio Orabona are formally and explicitly authorized by the persons directly involved.

Transfer of personal data abroad  

Data shall not be transferred outside the European Union.

Rights of interested parties

As per the applicable regulations governing personal data protection and within the limits envisaged by the same, interested parties are entitled to:

  • obtain information regarding the way such data are processed;
  • ask for any data regarding them to be rectified, updated or deleted.