The firm

The firm

Orabona Law Firm has specific expertise in all types of white collar crimes, with a specific focus on corporate, bankruptcy and fiscal criminal offences; crimes affecting workplace safety and security; financial and bank crimes; crimes against property; and violations of town-planning and environmental rules and regulations.

In particular, the firm provides legal consulting and assistance to professionals, entrepreneurs and corporations involved in the commission of criminally relevant facts – either as accused or injured parties, or, in the case of individuals, for civil or criminal liability in connection with crime-related offences under Legislative Decree No. 231/2001.

The firm founder, Avv. Andrea Orabona, has participated and provided assistance in a great number of cases winning extensive media coverage, dealing with high-profile national cases involving industrial accidents and disasters, carousel frauds, and crimes against individuals and internal public order.

The firm has been retained by primary international insurance companies to assist individuals and corporate entities involved in criminal proceedings for offences of a fraudulent or negligent character – e.g., in connection with medical doctors’ and/or healthcare establishments’ professional liability as well as crimes related to vehicle circulation (accidental killing or injuries caused out of negligence), and corporate and bankruptcy crime charges filed against companies’ directors, general managers/CEOs, and statutory auditors.


Internally the firm can rely on a number of professionals qualified in tax and corporate law, guaranteeing full assistance and consulting services in interdisciplinary issues relating to criminal law (both substantive and procedural).

The firm lawyers also see to the drafting, updating and management of the organizational models required by Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 for medium to large-sized enterprises. In this connection Orabona Law Firm professionals sit in various supervisory bodies monitoring the activity of companies and corporate groups, including multinationals.

The very same lawyers also carry on post-graduate or professional training activities, participating, either as speakers or moderators, in conferences and discussion groups dealing with specific economic crime law matters.